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  1. Hi, JT! I’m looking forward to when you release a game. Will it be for public download? Is it an FPS game? Sorry, I just came to this site from Canvas Rider. Your maps look awesome from what I can see. (If you’re making an FPS game, please include realistic guns. I’m getting kinda tired of games that use things like flamethrowers and plasma rifles :p) Anyway, thanks for what you’re doing here. I hope you’re still at it, and I’m not posting on a year old blog.
    See ya!

    1. Hey man, yeah im planning tomake a few FPS games and put them up on the website for free download. I wont be able to finish any games yet as the software doesnt work on my computer, but im saving up for a laptop which is taking alot longer than i thought lololol 🙂
      As soon as i get it i’ll start making games 🙂
      I’ll definitely make realistic guns, im going to make my games as realistic as possible 🙂

      Thanks heaps for the comments, i’ll keep posting up 3d models as i make them 🙂

      Yeeaa buddy!!

    1. Hi, i use google sketchup to make the 3d models and texture them 🙂
      The software to publish the game dont work on my computer but i,m saving up to get a laptop or something.
      i’m hoping to use a few free programs like 3d Gamestudio, Blender and milkshape to finish my games, won’t be for a while tho 🙂 🙂

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