New Soundtrack-Style Song!!!

Hey, I just finished a soundtrack-style song I’ve been working on for a few months now. Enjoy!!

New soundtrack-style song

Hey everyone, this is my first proper go at composing a soundtrack-style song, enjoy!!

JT Milne – Aurora 53 [Chillout] + free mp3

Hey!! So I made this new chillout dubstep track 😀 😀 enjoy 🙂

Free Download:

New Remix – First full track in Cubase!!!

Hey, here’s my new song 🙂


Hey everyone, this will be my last track made with FL Studio, as I have Switched to Cubase. Enjoy!!! Free Download on my Facebook page:

JT Milne – 515 [Electro-House] + free mp3

Hey just uploaded a NEW Electro-House Track called “515” !!!!!!!

Check it out on Youtube:


Hey everyone, been super busy with exams etc but here is my entry for the Alaa – Fire of Us Remix Contest! 😀