3D Model + Render Passes and Composite

My first 3D model made in MODO, playing around with the curve extrude tool and learning the basics 🙂

Shading, lighting and rendering in Maya with V-Ray.

Render passes composited in NUKE.

Final Composite:


Lighting Pass:


Reflection Pass:


Specular Highlight Pass:


Beauty Pass: (Used for reference while compositing)


Photography + 3D Lighting and Rendering Practice!!

Some photos from in and around the Auckland Sky Tower, check them out on Flickr!!

2017 August Sky Tower

Lighting, shading and V-Ray Physical Camera practice in Maya:

Lighting Practice 01

Lighting Practice 02

Render optimization testing:

V-Ray default settings:


Turn down max subdivs to 8:


Final optimized render, optimized light subdivs.


I will soon be posting a compositing breakdown of my first MODO 3D model 🙂

Final 3D Modelling Assessment

My final project for the 3D modelling module at Media Design School 😀

Sculpted in Zbrush, re-topologised in Zbrush & Maya, Rendered in Maya with V-Ray.

Damyck Zbrush Sculpt

Damyck Zbrush Sculpt

Damyck Zbrush Sculpt

Damyck Zbrush Sculpt

Damyck Zbrush Sculpt

Damyck Zbrush Sculpt