2018 VFX & 3D Animation Showreels

Just completed  two short film productions in my 3rd and final year at Media Design School, can’t wait to share them!! In the meantime I’ve put together a couple of showreels with some of my latest projects.


2017 Showreels!!!!

Finally finished putting together my 2017 3D Animation & VFX reels 🙂

General Reel – My best work so far:

Breakdown Reel: “behind the scenes” of some of my projects in 2017.

Rigging, 3D Sculpting & Digital Painting

A few of my latest projects, including some screenshots from a Maya rigging practice project,  a couple of ZBrush sculpts for the 3D Modelling module I’m doing currently and a Photoshop digital speed-painting 🙂

Spiderpus Rig Breakdown

Hugh Jackman Likeness Sculpt Render & Reference

Hugh Jackman Likeness Sculpt

Volcano Photoshop Painting

New Photography!!

Some new photos, taken around Parnell and Auckland CBD 🙂

2017 Parnell 025

Live Action Short Film!!!!

My team’s final short film for the 2nd Year Bachelor of Art & Design (3D Animation & VFX) film production module at Media Design School.

3D Animation and Visual Effects Reel 2016

Made a quick video with some highlights from my first year of study at Media Design School. Live-action short film coming soon!! Enjoy!!

P.S. happy revenge of the 5th!! (;

Hey everyone!!!! Sorry for the lack of posts recently :/

In 2016, I completed my first year of the Bachelor of Art & Design (3D Animation and Visual Effects) course at Media Design School in Auckland. I’m now getting into the second year which is going great, and I’m super keen to start sharing some of my projects. As you can see, I have updated a few things on the website, and will be posting a heap of cool stuff soon, including:

  • A live-action psychological thriller short film
  • Highlights from my first year of study at Media Design School
  • Visual FX studies and personal projects
  • Photography/filming studies

In the meantime, you can check out some of my recent photography on my new Flickr page here:  https://www.flickr.com/photos/jtmilnednb/

July 2016