Music Playlists

Best of Synthwave

Retro-futuristic vibes. juno pads, saxophone solos, 80’s synths, neon lights, vocoders and did I mention sax solos?

Best of City Pop

Japanese pop music, mostly from the 80s. Upbeat, funky beats as well as mellow, chill and nostalgic vibes. Lots of saxophone solos, slap bass, retro synths, stabs, jazzy chords, long fade-outs and just really good music.

Best of Yoko Kanno

Songs composed, produced or performed by Yoko Kanno (anything she touches turns to gold). Mostly vocal, jazz, electronic, rock and more poppy/palletable-to-normal-people-and-mainstream-listeners-type stuff XD

Yoko Kanno Classical/Soundtrack

Yoko Kanno is one of the greatest modern composers, fight me.

Yoko Kanno Jazz

More jazzy than jazz. From trashy bebop to smooooooth vocals and sax, funky rhythms and everything in-between. A bit of waltz and blues thrown in there too, because cowboy bebop.

Yoko Kanno Ethereal

Mostly chill, classical/experimental/ambient/electronic with lots of choirs, unconventional chord progressions, mellow synth pads and reverb. Music that makes you feel like you’re on a different planet.

Chill Folk, Indie, Singer-songwriter

Apparently I like this kind of music as well lol.
Tried to keep to acoustic instruments and celtic/nordic/country vibes, and stay away from electronic synths and orchestral sounds but its hard :/

Yoko Kanno Experimental